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Grieving Father In Albay Still Hoping For Wife and Daughter Alive After Losing 4-year-old Son

There is no more painful thing in this world than losing someone you loved. This is the most shoes of Bicolanos right now after most of them lost their loved ones.

As we heard in the news, Typhoon Rolly which hardly hit the Bicol region last November 1 had left great devastation in the area.

Out of the 2 million Filipinos who have been affected by the typhoon, one of them is Salvador Manrique.

Tatay Salvador already lost his 4-year-old son who was washed out by the flood and was found in another barangay. What’s more painful is that his wife and eldest daughter are still missing.


According to the report, some witnesses said that the two missing persons were seen entered a house but never made it out and were screaming for help.

Moreover, Tatay Salvador and other two of his daughters survived the natural calamity. However, there are still wounds and bruises left in them.

Out of love and grieving upon losing his youngest child, Tatay Salvador is still hoping that his wife and his 17-year-old daughter are still alive and just missing.

It is very sad to see their family grieving for the lost while other members of their family are still missing.


The casket of his youngest child is as big for adults because it is the only last one left for them. With no money and all, all they have is one candle stick with no any flowers around the boy.

Actually, Tatay Salvador still go back in the place he lost his family, with a hope that he will see them come back alive.

Meanwhile, the MDRRMO are quick to respond whenever residents claim to smell something unusual that may be a decomposing body of v!ctim.


Written by AdmiN

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