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IN PHOTOS: John Lloyd Cruz Eating Street Foods In Cebu

John Lloyd Cruz is now living a simple life in Cebu.

After his blooming showbiz career for many years, John Lloyd has lived his life to the fullest.

Given that he is considered as one of the best actors of all generation, it is pretty sure that all of his success has paid off.

Through the years, John Lloyd had live with the flashing cameras and busy streets of the city. Since his relationship with Ellen Adarna, the multi awarded actor has been in a showbiz hiatus.


In the long months of quarantine, John Lloyd was spotted in Cebu for many times. One time when he was out giving vitamins along the streets.

Those photos are just uploaded by some netizens who happened to seen him. But this time, John Lloyd uploaded his photos himself.

On his official Facebook page, the One More Chance star shared series of photos of him.

In the said post, he was just wearing a plain white shirt and shorts. He was eating street foods while playing mobile games on his phone.


John Lloyd proudly captioned his post, “Living the simple life” followed by smiling emoji.

His fans couldn’t help but to praise him in the comment section. Many are saying that they are happy to see John Lloyd living a simple and healthy life.

Here are some of their comments:

“Living a simple and healthy life is a great idea. Good luck.”

“I think JL finds happiness in simplicity…”

“Simplicity is great, but you have to keep up to yourself neatly… you’re not looks good at all take care yourself pogi!!🤩😍😘”

”John Lloyd and Andi Eigenmann both found happiness in having a simple yet decent lifestyle”


Written by AdmiN

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