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Donnalyn Bartolome Purchased Boats For Rescue Missions In Rizal And Marikina

Donnalyn Bartolome once again proved that she will always has the heart of helping anyone.

As a matter of fact, she is one of the personalities with big efforts right now. It is after she immediately bought boats for rescuing mission.

This was announced by Donna through her official Facebook page. It is not just that, she also asked for any volunteers who knows how to ‘sagwan.’

Earlier today, Donnalyn posted saying that she ordered boats from companies and she needs volunteers to do a rescue mission in the barangays of Marikina and Rizal.


Later on, she updated her post saying that the boats are already on its way and she has people who volunteered to do the rescue.

According to Donna, Montalban volunteers will save their fellows within Montalban while Rizal Chairman will lead a team.

“MARIKINA and RIZAL residents sino ang gusto magvolunteer for rescue? Marunong magsagwan at lumangoy, kahit magbayad ako. I’m buying boats na so let me know asap! 🙏🏻 Need na ng help ng barangays dahil lagi na busy ang lines nila. God help those who need you please please [crying emoji]” Donna first posted.

“UPDATE: We got big boats in a truck on the way to Rizal and Montalban.


Rescuers are complete. Montalban resident rescuers for Montalban and Rizal Chairman will lead rescue for Rizal. They’ll just send proof of proper use ng boats solely for rescuing people and

THANK YOU for helping me find rescuers. I don’t know anyone from the areas affected so I really needed it.

Rest your hearts, we’ll get through this.”

Meanwhile, many are thanking and praising Donna for having a heart to share her blessings without an hesitation.


Written by adMiN

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