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Nas Daily opened a Full 1-Day Charity Class on Nas Academy, profits will go to Philippines as a donation

Nuseir Yassin didn’t intend to become one of Facebook’s most successful vloggers.

Growing up in Arraba, a small agricultural city in northern Israel, Yassin, an Israeli-Palestinian, came from a modest middle-class family. Yassin is the middle child of four; his mother, a teacher, and his father, a psychologist, valued education and hard work. In many of his videos, Yassin confesses he was shy and socially awkward as a kid.

The first glimpse of his future as a global citizen came at age 19. Limited by his prospects in Israel, he set his sights on Ivy League colleges in the US.

Yassin says he was “hungry” for an education at a prestigious university. He applied to Harvard to major in aerospace engineering, and once accepted he was offered a scholarship to offset the cost.


He graduated with a degree in Economics and moved to New York City to work his way through the ranks in the tech industry.

By modern standards, in terms of education, career, and income, Yassin had made it.

Yassin published a “one-minute video” on his popular Facebook channel, Nas Daily, sharing his ideas with 11 million followers as he traversed the globe.

Just recently, Yassin opened a Full 1-Day Charity Class on Nas Academy.


According to him, all the profits that he will earn will be directly donated in the Philippines.

“So this way it’s a win win. You learn a new skill from Nas Academy, and you directly help people in need. And we teach people!,” Yassin quipped.

He then earns praise from many netizens.

Here are some:

“The fact that he’s not filipino but is willing to help the Philippines is just so amazing.”

“Thank you so much Nas for your generosity and love for the Filipinos.”

What can you say about this?


Written by AdmiN

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