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Are Derek Ramsay And Andrea Torres Separated? Photos of Them In Derek’s IG Deleted

Where are the sweet photos of Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay’s photos on the actor’s Instagram? This is what their fans are looking for right now.

It is after Derek deleted photos of him with Andrea on his Instagram account. Many of their fans noticed that the photos are now gone.

Derek and Andrea have been sharing their memories together on social media. As a matter of fact, they have every single piece of their remembrance.

Last week, Andrea was even staying at her boyfriend’s house when Dra. Vicki Belo visited the actor’s house.


They were even reportedly living together for many times now which they also all denied.

Seeing that their relationship is stable and they are not getting into big issues, Derek already said that Andrea is the one who see himself getting married with.

In an interview, the hunk actor said that he has to marry his girlfriend maybe two years from now. They are both ready to settle down.

However, there might be a change of plan as many are speculating that they already parted ways. It is because it is so unusual that Derek will delete all of their photos for no reason.


When their fans noticed that the photos are gone, speculations started that Derek and Andrea have reached the end of their relationship.

As of now, either Derek and Andrea is speaking up about this rumor. They have been a very sweet couple since they admitted their relationship on September last year.

What do you think? Why does Derek Ramsay deleted all the photos of him with Andrea Torres?


Written by AdmiN

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