Kim Chiu Airs Her Comment Again About Typh00n Ulysses

Kim Chiu is back again on expressing her opinion about the current issue. This time, she talks about her stand on the recent Typh00n Ulysses.

This was when Kim had an interview recently. She aired her stand on how the officials took actions regarding the onslaught of the natural cal4mities.

According to Kim, change can be done if the officials show their “care” for the people.

“Ako naman, I’m hopeful with… iyong change, yes, the change that we needed.


“Kasi, hindi naman magbabago lahat ito if iyong leader natin meron talaga siyang care sa lahat ng tao.”

Kim went on saying that the uncertainties right now made us see that there’s a place for change. And if not, the system will remain on how it is.

“I think iyong nangyayari ngayon is nakikita natin that puwede magbago iyong ganito sistema.

“Kasi kung ganito at ganito pa rin, walang magbabago talaga.”


On ther other hand, Kim is just not giving comments about the government officials. She is only making a way to give her help for the survivors of Ulysses and Rolly.

As a matter of fact, she is planning  to have a digital concert to raise money that will be donated for the survivors of Rolly and Ulysses.

As of now, many are still asking for help specially on basic needs such as food, water, and clothes which all they lost during the floods.

Kim is actually planning to invited Youtube content creators to participate on her online concert for the aim to raise money.

This is not the first time that the PBB Grand Winner helped and extends her donations. She was one of the celebrities who gave helps during the first months of the lockdown.


Written by AdmiN

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