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Andi Eigenmann shares her family bonding by cleaning their home

While pretty decor can make a home look and feel great, deep cleaning and major decluttering can feel so much better.

And that’s what Andi Eigenmann shares on their latest vlog update.

In the said vlog, Andi shares how they manage their household chores routine.

Especially now that cleanliness and sanitation are important because of the pandemic.


And most especially now that Andi and Philmar have a newborn baby.

At first, an alcohol disinfection spray can be seen that Andi wipes all over their furniture, from their table, chairs, and cabinets.

In washing the dishes, Phimar is the one who did it.

As per Philmar, Andi is the one who cooks that is why his duty is to wash the dishes.


On the other hand, And also wash their clothes but she didn’t lift heavy pail because she just gave birth recently.

It is also delightful to see how Andi teaches her daughters Ellie and Lilo with household chores.

While they are still at a young age they learn how to do such house works.

Meanwhile, their video earns praises from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“I dont know if its just me.. but your family vids have calming effects on me”

“You’re such a responsible husband and father, philmar. Finally, andi has found her bliss. I really love watching your family vlogs.”

“Andi is full of energy ‘cos as we can see she’s inspired & contented dealing with her own family. She got a very supportive, loving & caring husband, Philmar.”

“What a lovely, sweet and responsible Ellie is . She’s really grown up na.”

“I love ellie how she takes care of her siblings adorable”

Watch their video below:

What can you say? Are you also delighted by watching them?


Written by AdmiN

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